Served from 11.30 am – 04:00 pm

Old fashioned cured herring
Curry salad, onions, capers, egg & rye bread
DKK 115,-

Fish fillets
Homemade remoulade, salad, pickled cucumbers, lemon & rye bread
DKK 145,-

Fish cakes
Homemade remoulade, salad, pickled cucumbers, lemon & rye bread
DKK 145,- 

Shooting star
Deep fried fish fillets, hand peeled shrimps, lemon & dressing
DKK 195,-

Shrimp sandwich 
Hand peeled shrimps on grilled bread, mayonnaise, lemon & herbs
DKK 195,-

Crispy puff pastry with fricassee sauce made with spring greens & chicken
DKK 165,-

Our tartare 

Stirred beef tartare with capers, mustard, horseradish & yolk
DKK 175,-

Crispy fries 
French fries with spices & mayonnaise
DKK 55,-

Western sea plaice
With parsley sauce, pickled cranberries, capers, grilled lemon & new potatoes
DKK 295,-

The Burger
Matured beef, brioche bun, cheddar, salad, mayo & onion
Fries & mayonnaise
DKK 195,-

Cheeses & desserts
Cheese from danish dairies
DKK 115,-

Today’s dessert
DKK 95,-

Today’s cake
DKK 65,- 

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Restaurant Tabu in Aalborg
Vesterå 5
9000 Aalborg

Opening hours

Wednesday – Thursday
Arrival between 06:00 pm – 09.00 pm

Arrival between 11:30 am – 01:30 pm & 06:00 pm – 09:00 pm

We are open for other celebrations all other weekdays – contact the restaurant for more information